Nia Nicholl’s Releases ‘Forever Hold My Peace’

Nia Nicholls has been featured regularly on Belles and Gals and it’s fantastic to see she is back with a great new single. ‘Forever Hold My Peace’ is a wonderfully punchy, attitude driven track about knowing that an ex-partner is making a huge mistake by being with their new partner. The song is totally catchy from the very first note and just keeps you engaged throughout the whole of the four minutes plus.

Lyrics such as ‘It should be me there wearing that white dress, guess we’ve had all our chances, and some day you will regret this’ tell the story of the song, with Nia’s sass-driven vocals delightful throughout.

Nia Nicholls:

‘Forever Hold My Peace” is about a dream I had where one of my friends was about to marry his girlfriend. Needless to say I really wasn’t happy about it! The whole dream probably lasted only 5 seconds but it intrigued me enough to want to write a song about it and now here we are!’

‘Forever Hold My Peace’ is another fine example of the talent and versatility of Nia Nicholls, an artist who is sure to make a huge impact on the UK Country music scene.

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