Emilia Quinn – ‘Firecracker’ EP Review

Today sees the release of ‘Firecracker’, the fantastic new EP from Emilia Quinn. We interviewed Emilia back in January and asked her to describe her sound – Emilia replying ‘alt. Country/americana type music with some grit to it‘ and this EP is a perfect example of that sound.

The release opens with ‘Ready Right Now’ that begins with a fantastic guitar intro that already builds the expectation. The song sees Emilia in full battle mode, seeing the artist ready to take on the world. This has attitude, fantastic vocals and a sheer power to it – you won’t be able to play this track without cranking up the volume.

‘Nothing to Lose’ comes next, and starts off with a timeless, almost bluesy feel, before once again, the Leeds based singer cranks it up. There’s a sheer energy and honesty that shines through the lyrics and the vocals. ‘I ain’t looking for a solution, I just want a quick fix, when my trouble catches up with me, I’ll be gone and all I’ll leave is a memory‘. It’s just two and a half minutes long, but there’s so much to this track to immerse yourself in.

The third track is ‘Drunk’ and starts off with the words ‘I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself‘ before kicking in with the fantastic guitar and pedal steel sound. Drunk features an epic chorus and I can imagine this is absolutely brilliant live (I so need to see Emila live!). The song is a message to someone who uses alcohol to forget – the singer giving a dose of tough love. Brilliant.

The final track of the EP is ‘Outlaw’. Just seeing the title of this song had me excited, and it fully lives up to that expectation. Lyircs such as ‘Outlaw, Outlaw, take me by the hand, show me whose the baddest bitch in the land‘ give an insight into the sheer badass quality of the song, and if this (repeated) line doesn’t have you rocking along to it, you’re made of stone. A fantastic finishing track that leaves you wanting more.

Emilia Quinn is an artist who has been making a great name for herself on the scene in recent times, and this new EP will surely take her to the next level. Emilia has her own sound, is doing it her way, and has an energy about her that is hard to match. The EP as a whole has an incredible atmosphere around it, the ‘Outlaw’ title of the final track obviously lending an apt Wild West feel to it. This EP is absolutely a firecracker. 

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