Halle Kearns – ‘Pick Me Up’ Review

I am incredibly excited to be bringing you the debut single ‘Pick Me Up’ from Columbia, Missouri’s Halle Kearns. Now residing in Nashville, Halle is set to make a huge splash on the country scene. Check out our chat with her:-

1. You moved to Nashville from Missouri 16 months ago, how has it been for you so far and is it everything you expected?

Moving to Nashville is the best decision I’ve ever made! In the last 16 months, I’ve learned more about myself and my artistry than ever before. The music community is so warm and welcoming, and I truly feel at home!

2. You already have an impressive live show résumé behind you. Can you tell us about some of the names you’ve supported and your favourite show played to date?

I’ve been lucky enough to open for some of my favorite acts including Eli Young Band, Trace Adkins, Casey Donahew, David Nail, etc. They’ve all had extremely special moments, but I think EYB was my favorite because it was in my hometown venue and a sold out show! So special singing to a sold out crowd full of faces you grew up with!

3. Your debut single ‘Pick Me Up’ is out July 31st, what’s the story behind the song and why did you choose it as your first release?

Since I finished this song, I was fairly positive I was going to release it! “Pick Me Up” is all about forgetting your worries and getting lost in whatever your favorite distractions are. During these unprecedented times, I think we could all use a pick-me-up! So it felt natural as the first release 🙂

4. What kind of impact do you want your music to leave on fans when they listen to it?

I just hope that each listener can feel the authenticity in every song. Whether it’s a genuine excitement/happiness like in “Pick Me Up”, or the heartbreak and pain from a song in a future release. I want my music to be relatable for whatever situation someone may be in; and give off that “yesss she gets it!” feeling!

5. Can you tell us about the role your faith has played in getting you to this stage of your career and do you feel it still plays a role now?

I began playing guitar and singing for my local Young Life organization when I was about 14. These were my first performances and the thing that really made me fall in love with music. Faith is extremely important to me and it will always play a huge role in how I navigate my path!

6. What would you say your biggest strength is an artist?

This is an interesting question! I’m proud of my songwriting. I think just seeing how far I’ve come in it over the last 1+ year in Nashville has really made me feel strong in it. I also have a brand that is very specific to me, and that I think sets me apart!

7. If you could choose an artist outside of the Country genre to collaborate with who would it be and why?

Hmm.. this is so tough. I could rattle off 100 different artists. But the first name that came to mind was Norah Jones. She has the most angelic voice and a delicate style that I’ve admired for years and years. I would LOVE to collab with her.

8. In the distant future when you look back on your career what do you feel you would need to have accomplished for you to look back on it as a success?

This is my favorite question. I want to be able to look back on my career and know that I delivered good, authentic music to the world and loved the people I encountered along the way as well as possible. Whether that be my team, family, fans, or even a random listener. I want that to be the focus. That feels like success.

9. Finally, any big plans for the rest of the year post single?

Of courseeee I do! I have more music coming out super soon, and I’ll be sure to give y’all the full scoop as soon as possible 🙂

Halle will be new to almost all U.K readers but this Missouri girl is arriving on the scene with the kind of bang that would put the 4th of July fireworks to shame. This infectiously energetic pop-country number is a sure fire summer hit and has definitely arrived at the perfect time to be that ‘pick me up’ that people are needing. The catchy guitar riff that opens the song kicks the track off with an instant appeal that will have the listener already hooked. Halle’s vocals kick in a few seconds later and we get introduced to the delicate yet gorgeous voice she possesses.

The song starts with Halle painting the picture of struggling through the Monday to Friday routine which I’m sure every one of us can relate to, before we hit the weekend and get to let loose free of responsibilities. My favourite lyric of the song is “I just need a little pick me up, so come pick me up”, it’s a wonderful play on words which gives you a glimpse into how gifted Halle is at lyrically crafting a song. I also like the lyric “I can’t wait, to see your baby blues and ride with you in your Chevrolet”, it just really adds to that Summery feel of the track and lets you picture yourself cruising down the highway with a loved one heading for adventure.

As the song builds up towards the ending we hear Halle sing “Monday’s gonna come around again, but that’s alright, as long as I, get you for the weekend”, I adore this line because I feel like it’s telling you to not spend time stressing about the future and just really live for the moment”. The song ends with earlier mentioned energy that gives this track such an uplifting feel good factor. I was blown away when I first listened to this track and that feeling hasn’t gone away on the many repeats of it since, this is a phenomenal track for an artist to release at any stage of their career let alone for a debut single. This girl is going to have an astounding career and I would advise jumping on board right now because it’s going to be a fun ride.

‘Pick Me Up’ is released on July 31st and can be Pre-Ordered and Pre-Saved at the following link https://cmdshft.ffm.to/pickmeup

Article written by Craig Brooks (twitter.com/swindonforever)

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