Lisa Redford – Another Place and Time EP Review


Lisa Redford is an artist who I originally came across on Twitter just a few short weeks ago and I have to say that every single song I heard from the Norwich and New York based singer songwriter since has impressed me no end. So it will come as no surprise to hear that I was excited about listening to her new EP, ‘Another Place and Time’.

The EP has four tracks in total and starts off with the brilliant ‘Music and the Mountains’. Regular visitors to Belles and Gals will already know that I am totally in love with this song, as I posted it on the site just last week. Lisa’s vocals are a thing of beauty as she sweeps through the melody, the song featuring a brilliant chorus, despite the relative gentleness of the track.

The title track comes next and this is a lament song that just gets better and better as the song progresses, so much so there is a feeling of disappointment when the track comes to an end. The opening bars to ‘Remember Me’ suggests more of a traditional country feel than Lisa Redford fans might be used to and it really shows off just how versatile she is both as a singer and a songwriter. The final track, ‘The Worst Kind of Love’ is the perfect end to the EP. This is another gentle song, the vocals on this track outstanding, the song stripped down and brilliant from the first word to the last.

Lisa Redford has an amazing ability to portray a certain vulnerability yet a complete confidence in her vocals and ‘Another Place and Time’ is a fine example of her talents. The four tracks also show the strength in her songwriting and there is no doubt that this EP is from a performer who is at the very top of her game. Brilliant.

To find out more about Lisa Redford, head to her website here

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