Dexeter – Waiting For a Lifetime EP Review


Here at Belles and Gals we have become huge fans of Dexeter ever since I saw them rock the Town Square Stage at C2C 2016. The performance was so good that I went straight home and bought a ticket for their UK tour, the London gig taking this place this Friday at the Garage, one of my favorite venues! This tour is to promote the new EP ‘Waiting for a Lifetime’ and here we take a look at the impressive four track record.

The EP starts with ‘Not Giving Up’ and you’re immediately taken by the strength of Deeanne Dexeter’s vocals which keeps you captivated throughout, while the great guitar work in the middle and at the end of the song only enhance this beautiful song about keeping the flame alive.

The next song is ‘Try’ and this is very different from what you would normally expect from Dexeter. This is upbeat and catchy and has something of a punchy feel – you’ll actually find yourself singing it a couple of hours after listening to it. Though very different, I’m really looking forward to hearing this live.

The third song is the title track and you’ll be gripped by the song within seconds. Once again Deeanne’s impeccable voice takes centre stage, the song ballad like, growing and growing in intensity as the four minutes pass by, before a perfect gentle ending brings the song to a conclusion. The arrangement of the song stands out particularly.

The EP ends with ‘Weight of the World’. This probably wouldn’t be classed as classic Dexeter either, slightly more upbeat again, but I have to say that I was really impressed by the song. In some ways I’d call this song radio friendly, although I don’t say that in a derogatory way, I just get the feeling that the song would be well liked by a great number of people.

At Belles and Gals we’re always happy to support good country music, and if Dexeter continue to produce music like this, we’ll be supporting them for a long time!

To find out more about Dexeter, head to their website here.

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