Moore and More #3 -Top UK Male Country Artists

I absolutely love that Belles and Gals is dedicated to supporting women in Country music, where especially in the U.S us girls don’t seem to be celebrated half as much. Thankfully the UK scene is thriving with talented women who are supported by and treated far more equally by our male counterparts, so naturally I couldn’t wait to celebrate some of our nations best men.

I had initially sat down to write my ‘Top Ten British Country Men’ – but honestly I just couldn’t get it down. Whether it’s because of their songs, voices, dedication to the genre or just all around awesomeness I couldn’t bear to cut a single name from my list. So boys, thanks for being so great!

I’m going to start with some of my favourite voices, and again this was hard to cut down. Yesterdays interviewee, the one and only Thorne Hill just has to be mentioned first. Whether he’s breaking your heart with a beautiful ballad or filling the floor with an upbeat track, Thorne’s voice is perfection. Speaking of breaking your heart, two of the scenes best storytellers – Gary Quinn and Robbie Cavanagh. If you’ve been lucky enough to see either of these guys perform live, you’ll know exactly what I mean. Both of these artists have a true gift in their ability to tell a story from the heart through gorgeous voices.

 If you’re more of a band fan, believe me you’re spoiled for choice! Representing the UK worldwide, The Pauper Kings are the top choice for many fans and for good reason. Weather rocking out to a huge crowd or stripping it down to an acoustic set for 100 people these boys are flawless, and absolute delights offstage too. I was very lucky to have come across The Ash Cooper Band before my start in this scene, and without them who knows where I would be? For that reason alone they will always be my favourites, but to back up their first place (to me) they are genuinely brilliant. It is impossible to see these guys live and not have a truly amazing night, and Ash is one hell of a songwriter. But the midlands based band do have some stiff competition in the form of Acoustic Journey. Again, you can’t see these guys play and not have a brilliant night – and they’re certainly some of the most entertaining guys in the industry!

 There are only six names mentioned here, but there are countless others I hiiiiiiighly recommend you check out; Holloway Road are undeniably the most talked about Country duo right now, and not without reason. Their energy onstage is electric and their harmonies are among the best in the business. Tom Wright, no doubt a future star. I’ve noticed a pattern of the same old names and faces being mentioned and promoted over and over, but every once in a while a fresh face breaks through and this guy easily out plays a lot of those names. Tom is definitely my one to watch! With a brilliant new single, Darcys blend of Country, Rock and Blues is perfect for traditional and contemporary fans alike and with a brand new band is sounding brilliant live too.

Ah, I could go on and on! For the readers that may not be aware of the male talent here in the UK Country Community, I hope this has inspired you to check a few out. I am absolutely sure everyone out there will connect with at least one of these artists catalogues of music, whatever your style. Be sure to find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – it could just be the best thing you do today!


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