Spotlight on Liv Austen

On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of seeing Liv Austen play live again, as part of a brilliant night that also featured Thorne Hill, Narn and Robbie Cavanagh. Liv is one of our most featured artists on the site and I’ve been a huge fan ever since I heard the hit single “I Don’t Regret a Single One” (below), a brilliant, upbeat catchy song that both opens and closes her excellent “Who I Am Today” EP (read my review here)

A look at Liv Austen’s discography shows a succession of top songs, but my personal favorite has to be “The Guts You Always Had”. This song is about her relationship with her sister, but like any great number, you can take the words and apply them to your own life  and your own family or friends. Unfortunately Belles and Gals wasn’t around when this song was released, but if we were it would certainly have been a VERY serious contender for song of the year.

Recently Liv Austen released “Over”, a track written by Ben Earle of The Shires. She performed the song on Thursday night and it’s just fantastic – to grab a copy click here, while the new songs that Liv sung have me eagerly awaiting her new material!

As well as a country music based singer songwriter, Liv Austen is also an actor and recently appeared in this fantastic commercial – so it’s clear that she is one very talented lady!

To find more about Liv Austen, click her social links! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram




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