Worry Dolls – Bless Your Heart

Today we feature ‘The Worry Dolls’ for the very first time with ‘Bless Your Heart’ recorded in an ‘Under the Apple Tree’ session for Bob Harris. The song was written about giving advice to the new flame of an ex, warning them that he isn’t quite what he seems and having listened/watched I’m sure you’ll agree that this number is just brilliant. The Worry Dolls have a really interesting bio on their website, telling the story of how they got together. Not all bios are good reads (if I’m completely honest) but this is worth spending time reading. Have a read here. By the time you’ve reached the end of the page you’ll also know where I got the info about the song! (there I go, giving away my trade secrets again).

Bless Your Heart is the first song you’ll hear from their new album coming out in January, and if this is an appetizer, I’m guessing the main meal will really hit the spot!

The Worry Dolls: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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