Last night 20,000 people headed to Manchester for an Ariana Grande concert. The crowd was made up of many families, including young children, incredibly excited about seeing their idol. At the end of the concert there was chaos and confusion when a bomb went off in the foyer and people sadly lost their lives, while others were injured. This was a simple act of pure evil and I can’t even begin to comprehend how anybody can in any way justify such an act. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody who has been affected by the terrible atrocity last night.

While nothing can ever make up for what happened last night, there was some small consolation in seeing the reaction of the people of Manchester. As is always the case, the emergency services rushed to the scene with no regard for their own safety – these people are heroes, always willing to run towards the danger. Taxi drivers rushed to the scene to ferry people to where they needed to go, hotels opened their doors, and people brought food and blankets to the scene. The full force of social media was used for good last night, connecting people with their loved ones, while many people opened their doors if people needed somewhere to stay. As is always the case in these situations, the outpouring of humanity will always be far greater than the evil. Hate gets us nowhere.



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