Liv Austen Signs Record Deal with NUA Entertainment


Liv Austen is one of our most featured artists on Belles and Gals in the almost a year since we’ve been in existence and there is little doubt that she is one of the leading lights on the UK Country scene. Today, we were absolutely delighted to learn that Liv has signed a recording and publishing deal with NUA Entertainment – it’s fantastic news and it’s an amazing way to start 2017 for Liv herself and UK country music in general. Team Belles and Gals have a spring in our step too – I (Nick) saw Liv perform live just last night and to say she was fantastic is an understatement – the deal couldn’t happen to a more deserving artist. Now we just can’t wait to hear the first new music – whether from Liv herself, or the new music she’ll be writing.

Liv Austen signing her record deal

Here is the official press release:

‘Liv Austen has signed her first ever record deal. NUA Entertainment, home to band Club Drive and the label Charlie Simpson chose for his solo career, took notice of Liv at an intimate acoustic performance in London. The label is run by Paul Hardcastle, who has had quite the impressive career as an artist himself. She is now signed to the label both as a recording artist and to their publishing department as a songwriter. “I am incredibly excited about the collaboration”, says Austen. “NUA have been really supportive in me finding my own sound both in terms of songwriting and production wise.” Liv’s popularity as a UK country artist grew faster than she had expected after releasing her debut EP, with funds raised through Pledgemusic. Her second EP came out in 2016, and she is now working on her debut album which will be released this year.

 Although Liv is considered a country singer and songwriter by fans and critics, she is now experimenting with different influences and sounds for what is predicted to be an impressive album debut. “I try not to be too concerned with genre anymore,” Liv points out. “I will always love country music, but there are so many other influences too and I would hate to limit myself. I predict I will be going back and forth between styles, and never completely rule any genre out when I write new music.” Stay connected with Liv online and watch out for new music very soon!’

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