Sam Coe – C2C Interview

Amazingly this is the first time we’ve featured Sam Coe and the Long Shadows on Belles and Gals – but good things come to those who wait and readers of the site don’t have to wait any longer. Here is Sam and the group with ‘Movin On’ recorded for ‘Introducing Norfolk’ earlier this year.

Sam appeared at C2C 2017 at the weekend and I was lucky enough to catch up with her for a chat after her early Saturday set (which was just excellent I have to add!). I started off by asking her about her reaction to finding out that she was appearing at the festival. “At the time I was bleaching my hair and then I got the e-mail to say I was playing at C2C, screamed and then ran round the house, then called the boys (the Long Shadows) and by the time I’d done that I realised the bleach was on for too long”.

This was the second time in a row for the group at C2C. “We were so pleased to be asked back – there are a lot of great UK acts who weren’t invited back who I thought deserved to be, but the organisers are clearly mixing it up a bit and bringing new acts in and giving them a chance, giving the audiences something a little different.”

Sam told me that the weekend had been an interesting one. “I couldn’t speak on Friday – I lost my voice because of an awful cold, so the boys in the band sent me back to the ‘band flat’, so I missed Brad Paisley and Cam which I was gutted about, but I’m so looking forward to seeing Reba McEntire tonight. I’m so excited to see Maren Morris too. Also a friend of mine, Jake Morrell is playing too, so I’m really looking forward to that”

Sam Coe and the Long Shadows recently released an EP called Santa Fe (you can download it here) and plan to tour the EP and then start thinking about recording an album!


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