Clara Bond C2C Interview

Last week we premiered Clara Bond’s ‘Tambourine’ video on Belles and Gals (which you can see again above) and at the weekend I saw Clara Bond appear live for the first time when she appeared at the C2C festival. I have to say, I was incredibly impressed – Clara has a great voice and is a real classy performer.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Clara after her Saturday set. I started by asking Clara how excited she was to be appearing at C2C. “I was really excited, my brain just went into rehearsal and planning mode. Initially we were only meant to be playing one day, but eventually after a series of e-mails, we found out we were playing every single day. It’s been a whirlwind. Mad.”

I then asked Clara about her C2C weekend. “It’s been brilliant, very busy – we’ve had stuff every evening. The atmosphere is incredible here and I just how friendly the people are, how much the people support the music. It’s such a lovely environment. I’ve been here as a punter before, so its quite nice to be on the stage.”

Having premiered ‘Tambourine’ I then asked Clara about the song. “Tambourine is my closure song, as I put it. I was in a relationship for a very long time and when it ended there was no animosity, we just wanted the best for each other. We’re still friends, but in the back of your mind you have that, ‘hang on, I used to love you but I don’t feel that anymore’ and it’s a reminiscent thing.”

“The video was really funny because one of my best friends was the ‘love interest’. I thought, ‘I’m a professional, it will be fine, I can act!’ but I get there and the director says ‘look into each other’s eyes lovingly’ and I was just cringing. But I love how it came out.”

I finished by asking Clara about her future plans. “We’ll be touring quite a lot – if anyone has any advice where we should go then I’m all ears. We’ll be promoting the EP and I’ll be writing too.”

Next up for Clara Bond is a London gig hosted by Dexeter and also featuring Catherine McGrath and Dahlia. To grab a ticket click here

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