C2C Interview – Caitlin Koch

Caitlin Koch has had an incredibly busy time of late. At the back end of February she embarked on a UK tour and sandwiched in the middle of this was a great weekend at C2C (and having seen Caitlin perform, you certainly won’t want to miss her). Right now Caitlin is in the middle of the European leg of her tour which has already taken in much of Scandinavia, before she moves onto other parts of Europe.

I managed to catch up with Caitlin during C2C and grabbed a few words on the Sunday afternoon, this interview completing our series of nine C2C interviews.

How exciting was it when you found out you’d be appearing at C2C?

I was absolutely thrilled to be honest and the Kris Barras band are backing me up. Then we found out we were playing three times, which was just such an honour. We’ve been really blessed to be here, it’s been a blast so far.

You’re (currently) in the middle of your UK tour. How has that been?

The tour has been awesome, the crowds have been so receptive. We’ve just been so blessed to be welcomed into the country and we’ve been all over, oh my goodness, we’ve been all over! It’s been 2 weeks on the road and it’s been awesome.

Which artists were you looking forward to seeing at C2C?

I really love Cassadee Pope – we just saw her as she actually went on just after we did. She’s just an amazing human being, really nice, really down to earth and then she gets on stage and she just kills it. So much fun seeing her and then I’m looking forward to seeing Maren Morris, because I’ve never seen her live before and I’ve run into her a couple of times in Nashville, so it will be awesome to see her perform.

What can we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

Well I’ll be on tour through April, performing and that kind of stuff, and once back in Nashville, I’ll start writing and recording again.


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