Callaghan’s ‘The Other Side’ – Review by Laura Klonowski

Callaghan is a country/pop singer based in the US. She has been playlisted three times on the BBC Radio 2 and has gained a significant fan base in the UK with her pop tones and thoughtful country style lyrics.

Here we review her latest EP ‘The Other Side’ which will be released on June 30th.
The record is much more pop based than Callaghan’s previous releases but she still manages to maintain the honest emotions of her country influences.
The 4 track EP has a large cinematic sound and It’s Callaghan’s most up-tempo collection to date, and the lead title track is very much politically inspired. Speaking about the song the rising star says: “I tend to stay away from politics in my music. But having been in the UK for the referendum and the US for the elections I wanted to write a song that touched on how divided people have become, and how some political leaders offer simple solutions to very complex problems.”
While ‘Solid Ground’ is very much Celtic influenced and Callaghan’s vocals are enchanting, it’s the standout track on the EP, along with the captivating ‘Surrender’.
‘I Don’t Know How’ is raw and emotional, all about grief and losing somebody close to you. It’s a stunning tack and one that highlights Callaghan’s beautiful voice.
 ‘The Other Side’ is a fantastic EP and will no doubt be big hit with fans around the globe.
RATING: 4/5.
Review written by Laura Klonowski
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