“That Guy” The New Single from Becky Lawrence released today

Today sees the release of ‘That Guy’, the brand new single from Belles and Gals own Becky Lawrence and having had a sneak preview, I can reveal that it’s a surefire winner.It’s also a great introduction to the rest of the EP, which is certain to to see Becky make a huge impact in the UK country scene.I caught up with Becky this week and had a chat about the release:

Hey Becky! It’s great to hear from you again! We understand you’ve been a very busy lady recently……
Hello! Yes I have indeed! As well as donating my hair for charity, I’ve been super busy getting my latest single and EP finished.

That’s fantastic! So, your brand new single ‘That Guy’ is out today. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it and what we can expect?
I think I mainly get inspired by everyday thoughts and emotions. I actually wrote the majority of the song whilst on my lunch break at work! I’m definitely inspired by the many wonderful ladies of country music like Dolly Parton, Reba, Miranda to name a few. I’m also loving Nashville at the moment so I think there’s definitely some of that in there. I’d like to think this song could be quite sassy like some of Juliette Barnes hits! You can definitely expect a brand new sound, more current and different from my last EP ‘A Child’s Tears’.

Who was involved bringing this single to life?
I was incredibly lucky to have been introduced to two amazing guys at Puzzlemaker Studios in Bristol, Danny McMahon and Andrea Succi, who are also both incredible musicians/singers/songwriters in their own right! Danny and I co-wrote the EP and the whole experience was brilliant. I find co-writing so much more fun because you can see what other people bring to the table. I also feel like my whole family, friends and my partner Wayne were involved because they have supported me and continue to throughout everything!

What other plans do you have for 2017?
Well now that I have a band I plan on rehearsing like crazy to get my set list up and running! I also want to collaborate with other singer/songwriters. Maybe a cheeky trip to Nashville?!



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