Your Voice, Your Choice #4 – Lindsay Ell

We are rounding off our Lindsay Ell weekend by including her in our new feature, “ Your Voice, Your Choice”. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a great female country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart.

The song we have chosen is  “Castle”, a track that Lindsay co-wrote and which is taken from her fantastic album “The Project”. It emphases the need to appreciate what you already have instead of constantly striving for something better, and reminds you that “you forget what you can lose when you only see what you can gain”. It has a great blues/funk vibe and as with the entire album, Lindsay’s guitar and vocals are stunning.  There are some clever analogies in the lyrics, the punch line in the chorus being “even if we had a house upon a hill, I bet we’d want a castle”.

Lindsay has chosen an incredible version of an equally incredible song which I’m sure you all know…

“I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt is one of my favorite songs. Bonnie’s vocal is so honest and pure, and it is quite possibly one of the best written songs. It’s so honest, it says exactly what you feel in a moment like that without always knowing how to describe it. I love playing it live, and when I got to see Bonnie Raitt sing it once, it was a moment I’ll never forget.”

Article written by Lesley Hastings


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