Premiere: Grace Morrison Releases Lyric Video For Powerful Single ‘Free’

Singer-Songwriter Grace Morrison has recently released a brand new album ‘Daughter’. The album effortlessly blends tones of country, folk and pop with story led lyricism to create a piece of work which is simply a joy to listen to.

Following the release of the album, Morrison continues her musical journey with the release of ‘Free’ – the fourth track on the record as a single. To the joy of her fans, the release is coupled with the visual masterpiece of a lyric video painted by fellow singer-songwriter Lisa Bastoni of which Belles and Gals are incredibly happy to be able to premiere. Speaking of the track and the lyric video Morrison says:

Years ago, while critiquing my teenage performance skills, my dad said to me “you’ve gotta get those toes tappin'”. Frankly, it created a bit of a complex. I most definitely watch people’s feet while I’m performing. When he passed away 5 years ago I wanted to write a toe-tapper for him, but I was so caught up in my grief all I could write him was a folk song (he did not like folk). Fast forward to mid pandemic. I picked up my guitar one day and started noodling. I found the groove and melody for “Free” pretty quickly. I was pretty darn excited to have found something toe-happy and a bit reminiscent of the cowboy music my dad used to listen to.

The pandemic also provided Morrison an opportunity to reflect on some previous life decisions including a breakup which has thankfully led to the creation of the single.

At the same time, I remembered that guy I broke up with because he spelled Saturday wrong (Saterday. I could have dealt with spelling Wednesday wrong, but Saturday I could not abide). It got me thinking that if I spent my life ending relationships with people because of silly things like spelling I’d wind up the loneliest, crankiest, old lady this side of the Mississippi.

The inspiration for the video stems from fellow country singer-songwriter and musical superstar Patsy Cline.

I asked my friend (and fellow Massachusetts singer-songwriter) Lisa Bastoni to paint a lyric video for this one. We used Patsy Cline and her home for inspiration, which incidentally I believe is now a bed and breakfast. Yes, I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to book a stay.

Click here or the play button above to watch the lyric video.

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