‘You Want Me’, the new single from Reya Jayne – Out Today!

Today sees the release of ‘You Want Me’ from Reya Jayne. Followers of Belles and Gals will be familiar with Reya, both with previous reviews here on the site, as well as a recent live performance. Reya was one of our three selected artists at the recent ‘Live in the Living Room’ event in London.

This new song is an empowering one, the female lead in the song making the first move in a relationship, a welcome narrative in the genre. In releasing the song Reya hopes that ‘portraying this confidence in her music will engage a younger female audience to UK country music; providing a relatable figure to them as Taylor Swift was for
her in her youth, while satisfying her existing fan base with another soon-to-be country-pop favourite.’

Lyrics such as ‘Maybe I’ll ask you on a date, Mexican food, a table for two, I know a place, pick you up at say 8, I wanna learn every inch of you’ portray that confidence. In a genre that can be filled with heartbreak, this is a nice change up. It’s up tempo and the ‘You Want Me’ title line that intersperses the chorus is a chant in itself.

There’s a real energy to the song and once again, Reya displays an almost transatlantic vibe – if this song had been sent from Nashville, it wouldn’t have been a surprise. The production has a great modern vibe and Reya’s vocals hit the spot perfectly.

‘You Want Me’ is a single that starts the run to her much anticipated EP release. If this is a flavour of what is to come, we’ve all got a lot to look forward to. Reya Jayne has big dreams and this single shows an artist ready to grab the spotlight that will inevitably come her way.


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