Mary Chapin Carpenter Album and Single News

5-time Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame member Mary Chapin Carpenter has announced that her new album “The Dirt And The Stars” , (Lambent Light Records via Thirty Tigers) will be released on 7th August, and can be preordered/saved now
Two of the album’s songs have been made available already, the title track along with Mary Chapin’s new single “Secret Keepers”, a really thought provoking song which she says is about ” holding onto things that feel too dangerous to let go of, too perilous to share, too complex to shine a light upon. The deeper you think you’ve buried something, the more power it seems to have over your life “adding” it’s a constant reminder to be kind out in the world, because you never really know what someone is carrying around”. And goodness, if ever we needed a song like this, then it seems to be right now!

The album was recorded entirely live at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in Bath and produced by Ethan Johns, the songs having been written at her rural Virginia farmhouse. While celebrating invaluable experiences and irreplaceable wisdom, her writing on this collection also advocates exploration of the best in all of us. To quote her once more, “The songs are very personal and they’re difficult in some ways, and definitely come from places of pain and self-illumination, but also places of joy, discovery and the rewards of self-knowledge”.
In celebration of the release, Carpenter will continue her successful “Songs From Home” virtual concert series throughout the summer. Filmed at her home, the performances have been viewed over 10 million times across her socials and continue to draw widespread praise.

1. Farther Along And Further In
2. It’s OK To Be Sad
3. All Broken Hearts Break Differently
4. Old D-35
5. American Stooge
6. Where The Beauty Is
7. Nocturne
8. Secret Keepers
9. Asking For A Friend
10. Everybody’s Got Something
11. Between The Dirt And The Stars

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  • July 18, 2020 at 4:19 pm

    She prefers “Mary Chapin” to just “Mary.” Also, new album producer is Ethan Johns, not Jones.

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