Interview with Platinum

At Belles and Gals, we’re always on the look out for great new UK talent, so were delighted to hear about the formation of ‘Platinum’. The trio played live for the first time this weekend, so we decided to have a chat and find out a little more!

Hi Emma, Megan and Kay! So ‘Platinum’ are one of the UK’s newest country trio. Tell us a little about how you formed? You’ve literally just played your first gig right?
Kay Platinum is a beautiful accident really. Megan and I are 2 thirds of family trio Blue Genes. We got to know Emma when we appeared at the same festivals and gigs. Emma wanted to do some co-writing and we quickly formed a friendship. Megan and I wrote a song for Emma which she wanted to perform at this year’s FSA festival but wanted a little back up so Megan and I joined Emma on stage for the first time. Our chemistry and the crowd’s reaction told us it couldn’t be a one off. I have always admired Emma, her voice is so heartfelt.
Megan: We literally just did our first gig, at a country night in Doncaster! We were really happy with the crowds reaction. It was a great feeling.

You’re all experienced in the industry, despite Megan’s young age! Give us an insight into your musical pasts.
Emma: We all started performing at young ages! I was doing gigs at 13, Megan at 11 and Kay at 10. Meg is only 14 but she has more stage experience than most adults. Obviously I’m known for an appearance on the voice but I’ve been working in music a lot longer than the one appearance. I’ve worked with some great international artists over the years. Megan has been touring writing and recording with Blue Genes for over 2 years and Kay has been a working musician all her life. We have a whole lot of experience between all of us.

Megan (left) and Kay in action with the Blue Genes 

Which artists have inspired each of you and what is your go-to album right now?
Kay: For me my influences came from the traditional artists I was raised on such as Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, Merle Haggard and Don Williams but I grew with genre, falling madly in love with the Dixie Chicks, Trisha Yearwood and currently Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark and Margo Price. My go to album will forever be ‘Home’ by the Dixie Chicks.
Megan: I grew up on Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill and Lady antebellum with some old school influences like Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline thrown in. My influences are artists like Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Brandy Clark, Ashley Monroe and Holly Williams. My go to album at the minute is Highway by Holly Williams.
Emma: I was raised a Cash fan but I truly discovered country at about 12 when I heard the Dixie Chicks. Nowadays I’m still influenced by the Dixie Chicks but Lori McKenna, Brandy Clark, Miranda Lambert and Holly Williams.

Emma with a brilliant cover of Wagon Wheel from 2015

Tell us something unique about each of you!
Kay: Something unique about us? Hmmm! I was raised in my family country band and my grandfather took me to country festivals every summer from the age of 7. I idolised UK singer and steal player Sarah Jory.
Megan: I play 5 instruments.
Emma: I once demoed a song written by Cam.

To finish, tell us what the future holds in store for Platinum?
Kay: As for the future? We all have other careers. Megan and I are working hard on the 2nd Blue Genes EP. Emma is writing for her solo EP. But over the years we’ve seen so many established country artists form super groups in addition to their own careers. If we look at The Highway Men, Honky Tonk angels and more recently Pistol Annies when different artists come together to make great music it can be very exciting. We want to do more live performances, maybe an EP in future. But the main aim is bringing some real sassy girl country U.K scene. There are already pop country girl groups out there doing their thing but Platinum wants to bring a more feisty authentic style to the table.
Platinum isn’t a reflection of the amount of albums we want to sell…. it’s a representation of 3 bottled blondes making music!

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