Your Voice, Your Choice #20 – Clara Bond

Today we continue with a great new feature on Belles and Gals  – “Your Voice, Your Choice”. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a  country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature UK country artist Clara Bond.

Clara Bond is  an artist who has certainly grabbed our attention at Belles and Gals. Our first glimpse of the Devon based singer was when we were lucky enough to premiere the ‘Out of Towners’ video (above) at the back end of last year and Clara then performed brilliantly on the pop-up stages at C2C back in March. I was also lucky enough to see the singer at the Borderline in London recently and with a voice as good as hers, there is little doubt her star is on the rise. With new music coming out in 2018, we have a lot to look forward to!

Clara has chosen ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton

“I think the song that has inspired me the most, in a strange way, is ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton. The lyrics remind me so much of my parents – lyrics like ‘brushes her long blonde hair’ and the fact he is waiting for her to get ready – my dad is always waiting for my mum to get ready. The writing style of it is so simple and so beautiful. He doesn’t say more than he has to, to demonstrate to the listener that this man loves this woman and all of the little  things that make her up. I really love that, because I think in songwriting it can be tempting to try and use way too much poetry and hide everything in metaphors. But it’s just not necessary because you can speak very clearly and very simply about how much you love someone or what they mean to you. I think it’s nice to remind yourself of that, just to strip it back to writing in its truest form.”


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