Your Voice, Your Choice #14 – Blue Honey

Today we continue with a great new feature on Belles and Gals  – “Your Voice, Your Choice”. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a  country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature US country duo Blue Honey.

Blue Honey are a husband and wife duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan have had successful careers independently, but have forged an amazing partnership. On their website, they state :“We’ve always gotten good reviews in our separate solo gigs,” says Troy. “When we play together, though, especially as an acoustic duo, the response seems to be overwhelming.” Kassie adds: “There’s something special about it, for sure. We seem to read each others’ mind in terms of harmony, too. It’s so easy to sing with him.”

Today we feature ‘Angels Come Home’ from the pair and it’s a simply gorgeous song, highlighting their perfect harmonies. I asked the pair about the song:

“We wrote Angels Come Home with two very talented friends of ours, Nathan Meckel and Britton Cameron.  We wanted to write something that was true to us, lyrically, and something that would showcase our harmonies and Troy’s guitar playing.  When we finished writing the song, we felt like we finally defined Blue Honey and the sound we’d been striving for the past couple years. This song means so much to us in many ways. It really represents our love for one another, and also the love we have for those serving our country. We are very proud of how this song turned out and absolutely love performing it.”

Blue Honey have chosen ‘Chalk’ by Buddy and Julie Miller

“Very hard to choose just one!  But being in a duo, and us having very different musical backgrounds, it made it a little easier to narrow down the choices that we both could agree on haha.  We chose “Chalk” by Buddy and Julie Miller.  We are in love with everything about this song; the production, the incredible lyrics, and the honesty in Buddy and Julie’s voices.  They make you believe every word.  And the harmonies are so beautiful.  What they did with this song is what we strive to do every time we write and record, it’s just so perfectly done in all aspects.”

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