Catie Offerman Releases New Track “I Just Killed A Man”

Having witnessed Texan-born Catie Offerman’s acoustic performance of “I Just Killed A Man” at C2C last month I admit to being super happy that she released the studio version of this heartbreaker a few days ago via MCA Nashville/Snakefarm here in the UK. I love a song with a bit of a twist in the tale, and this is exactly what Catie has given us here, as while she doesn’t actually murder the man in question the fact that she walks away from their relationship (well, drives away if you want to be picky!) is crime enough. To quote from the lyrics “There ain’t no body circled in chalk… They won’t lock me up for this one, no. But his heartbreak’s on my hands. I just killed a man“. It bodes well too that I remembered some of the songs fantastic lines having heard it only twice before!
Written by Catie alongside Ryan Beaver, Joe Clemmons, Jessie Jo Dillon and Benjy Davis, it will be Catie’s first track to go country radio and will be featured on her upcoming debut project. Apparently the song was the idea of Clemmons and Beaver, the latter bringing the title to the table at their writing camp. Catie explains “No one’s ever said it like that before. It’s a different and brutally honest way of saying ‘ I just broke this dude’s heart’. It’s about a guy I loved who I wasn’t meant to be with“.
The slow reflective waltz was produced by Dan Huff, the simple but effective accompaniment building from a simple guitar arpeggio to include steel and drums but ensuring Catie’s vocals are always to the fore. There’s some sweet harmonies along the way too! And while Catie knows she made the right decision, there’s a remorseful tone to her voice. As she explains, “Even if you’re the one doing the breaking up, it still kills you like nothing else. I knew from the first second this song was spoken into existence that it was something special. My hope is that others feel that when they hear it.
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