Staffordshire Duo Inspiring Local Talent

Staffordshire musician and producer Matt Bishop and award nominated Songwriter Charlotte Elizabeth are taking over the music world as they have now launched their own Record Label.

As an independent record label, Charlotte & Matt offer artist friendly contracts which are seldom found in major labels. They offer close working relationships with their artists and a dedication that is obvious as soon as you speak to them

Charlotte says, “The music industry is a tough place to be. It’s an industry where money is more important than talent and where talent isn’t given the credit or opportunity that is deserving. Matt and I wanted to change this. We want music to be about the artists and if we can recognise this and provide the backbone and support that the artist needs and help them to develop to a place where the major labels take note then we will have done our job.”

Inspire Music was founded by Matt however after working together on Charlottes EP, the pair started discussing gaps in the industry and how they could make a difference together. Earlier this year, they set up an Artist Development branch of Inspire Music and now they are bringing the record label into the mix.

Whilst this is a new venture, Charlotte says this isn’t where they endeavours stop. “This is hopefully the start of a long and successful partnership. Matt and I are great friends and we both have the same vision. We are already discussing additional projects and business development that will see us become the go to people for music related products. We are both really excited about the future”

Matt adds “Our partnership means we can offer everything an artist needs to develop from that first song right through to releasing a complete album. This takes stress and a heavy work load off the artist and allows them to focus on what they do best and enjoy”

In addition to the record label, Charlotte & Matt offer Artist Development to new and existing artists and musicians looking to process their career. They also host a regular Acoustic & Networking evening across venues in Staffordshire and will be officially launching their record label with an event in January.

For more information on Inspire Music and Inspire Records visit their website at:

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