Your Voice, Your Choice #32 – Claudia Hoyser

Today we continue with our popular “Your Voice, Your Choice” feature on Belles and Gals! We introduce one of our favourite songs from a country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature US country artist Claudia Hoyser.

We featured Claudia Hoyser for the first time just a couple of weeks ago, when we shared her great new song ‘Steam’ as our ‘song of the day‘. Today I’ve decided to feature the fantastic ‘No Matter What it Costs’, Claudia’s first single. The song was an unintentional hit. Claudia’s manager sent a rough, unmastered copy to Big Dog Country Radio’s Pd/Md Stone Hill, who thought it ‘full of swagger, refreshing, and highly competitive’ and offered to test the song on the radio. ‘No Matter What it Costs’ received such a great response that it was added to the rotation and straight away and made the playlists of over 20 radio stations, both in the US and Europe.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a great song (I’ve played it 5 times in a row just writing this piece!) and the accompanying vid is great too – I love the way it ends too, so watch till the very end!

To find out more about Claudia click her social links! – Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Claudia has chosen ‘Burning House’ by Cam 

Claudia writes:

“Burning House” by Cam is a song that has truly inspired me as a songwriter and as a female country artist. This delicate, acoustic song proved to me that with the right lyrics and melody, any song could be powerful, no matter how soft it may sound. It also changed my views on what kind of song could be a “game changer” for an artist.

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