Lisa Redford – St. Benedict’s Christmas Fair

Lisa Redford is one of our favourite artists here at Belles and Gals, so we were delighted when we heard she was releasing a Christmas E.P. I’ve chosen to feature ‘St. Benedict’s Christmas Fair’ as our song of the day today – it’s just a beautiful number which touches on the emotional aspect of the festive season. Lisa has a brilliant ability to convey that emotion perfectly to give an enchanting performance which grabs you and keeps hold of you throughout the three minutes. Below is another fine example of Lisa’s talent, with “When Christmas Comes Around”.

To listen/dowload Lisa’s tracks head to Soundcloud and iTunes

Head to Lisa’s website to find out more – here

As well as being a fantastic artist, Lisa has a clear passion for writing about music, having written for many music publications. One of her latest articles, for iSing magazine, talks about singing the ‘The Country Way’, touching on some of the great artists and the history of our great genre. To download the excellent magazine click here and check out some of the article below:


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