Your Voice, Your Choice #34 – Máiréad

Today we continue with our popular “Your Voice, Your Choice” feature on Belles and Gals. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature Irish country artist Máiréad.

Máiréad is an artist who we’ve featured twice before on Belles and Gals. The London based Irish singer has a fantastic voice and I was lucky enough to see her live just last month. She appeared alongside a number of other artists at an event in Hertford and Máiréad’s mini set of three songs was one of the real highlights of the night. This has whetted my appetite nicely for Máiréad’s debut E.P. which will be released in 2018 – I have a feeling this record could be a standout release.

Check out the video above where you can see Máiréad perform the excellent ‘Looking Glass’ (with UK country star Simon James accompanying her). A gorgeous song performed brilliantly.

Máiréad’s Social Links: Facebook, Instagram

Máiréad has chosen ‘Jealous of the Angels’ by Jenn Bostic 

She writes:

‘This is such a beautifully emotive song written by the absolutely wonderful Jenn Bostic. I first heard this song when a cover by Donna Taggart went viral in Northern Ireland and I have followed Jenn’s music closely ever since. I was lucky enough to hear her sing this live at the Green Note in Camden earlier this year – she is such an inspiring artist who completely grips the audience when she performs!’

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