Laine Lonero – Little Girl In Me

Today’s song of the day is ‘Little Girl in Me’ by Laine Lonero. The song appears on the ‘Nashville Dreamin’ Volume One’ album, an album which also features songs from other Belles and Gals favourites Jeannine Barry and Raihanna Estrada.

I spoke to Laine Lonero and asked her to tell us all about the song!

“My name is Laine Lonero and I am 15 y/o. My song, The Little Girl in Me” is my anthem to my Grandparents and the special relationship we have. The song came about after finding out that my Granny had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I wanted a positive/happy song because that is who she is. Several months after that we found out that my Paw Paw also has cancer so I dedicate it to both of them. I submitted the song to the Nashville Dreamin singer/songwriter contest and was chosen as one of the winners to be recorded for the CD. It is now out on I-tunes, Spotify, etc. my instagram is Lainelalmusic

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