Meet the ‘Belles and Gals’ Team – #5 Laura K

Belles and Gals has a fast growing team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals, all wanting to spread the word about the music we all love. Today is the second in a series where you get to meet the team – we’ll be interviewing each team member and they’ll be telling us all about the artists they love! Today we interview Laura Klonowski, whose country music work can be found at

Hi Laura! To start, tell us a little bit about yourself?!

I am a passionate music journalist with a major love for Country. Along with listening to music I also enjoy reading, watching TV and playing guitar. I also love football and support Liverpool FC.

What was it that got you interested in country music in the first place?

I first got into Country Music when I was aged 9. Two of my older brothers were watching Shania Twain’s Up! Live In Chicago on DVD and I was hooked from that moment on. Shania is without doubt the main source of my Country passion.

If you had to pick three favourite artists, who would you choose?

Wow it’s so hard to pick just 3 as I love so many, but if I was forced to pick I’d have to say Shania Twain, Ward Thomas and Sarah Darling.

And if you could only listen to one album ever again, which one would it be?

Again so difficult to pick just one but for nostalgia reasons it’d have to be Shania Twain’s Up!

What has been your personal highlight in country music?

My personal highlight has to be interviewing Ward Thomas, Sarah Darling, The Shires and Andy Brown who are some of my favourite Country acts. It’s a huge honour to speak to them. Also having my five page feature about the rise of UK Country published in Country Music Magazine was an incredible moment in my career!

If you had to pick an artist to watch, who would it be?

I’m seeing Shania Twain this year for the first time which I’ve waited for since I was 9, so I’d have to pick her as a major icon to see live.

What is the most embarrassing record you have ever bought?!

I don’t really believe in “embarrssing records” as I believe we should be passionate about all music.

To finish, tell us the last gig you went to, the last album you played and the last song you played on your phone!

The last gig I attended was the Nashville in Concert in Cardiff. It was absolutely incredible and meeting Sam Palladio afterwards was amazing. It was one of the best concert experiences ever. The last song I played on my phone was The Shires’ Sleepwalk’ which is taken off their incredible new album Accidentally On Purpose which I am loving at the moment.

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