Hannah Paris Releases New Single ‘L.A.’

Today sees the release of ‘L.A.’, the great new single from Belles and Gals managed Hannah Paris. Hannah has had an incredibly exciting weekend, with an appearance at the iconic ‘Isle of Wight’ festival, and this new single release sees that excitement continue.

I asked Hannah all about L.A.:

‘L.A. is a road trip song about moving on from a past relationship and wanting to start afresh. I went to the US on holiday before I wrote this song and we actually visited Los Angeles. I thought it was the type of place where people do go to chase a dream or try and a find a ‘new you’. 

If you’ve seen any of Hannah’s shows recently, you’ll certainly know all about L.A. – you hear it once and you’ll still be singing along to it a week later. It’s catchy, it’s addictive and it’s sure to bring a whole new load of fans Hannah’s way.

Download the song here – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/l-a-single/1396427283

And listen to L.A here – 



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