Catherine McGrath – ‘Talk of This Town’ in the Round Review

Catherine McGrath’s debut album ‘Talk of This Town’ was released recently and the Belles and Gals team have got together to write an ‘in the round’ review, where several team members get together and write about a particular song that is close to their heart. Here’s our look at ‘Talk of this Town’!

Enough for You – Liam Thomas (

Catherine McGrath has already solidified herself as a jewel in the crown of the UK country music scene after supporting huge US artists such as Kelsea Ballerini and Dan & Shay on their UK tours. Her previous releases have received huge support from Spotify and Apple music, as well as from huge stars such as Sir Elton John. Her debut album release is a sign of things to come for the 21-year-old, immediately peaking at number 1 on the UK Itunes country album chart.

‘Enough for You’ is the perfect blend of country and pop which Catherine has perfected over the past year. The track was penned with Sam Ellis and is a brilliant example of country songwriting. Portraying the story of wanting to be good enough to be loved by another and doing whatever it takes to do just that. The blend of country songwriting with a pop chorus and melody couples incredibly with Catherine’s voice. Further to this, lyrics such as “I wasted my tears and I wasted my time, While I let your shadow shut out my light” are cleverly written into the structure and displays the intelligence of Catherine’s songwriting .‘Enough for You’ would in my opinion make for a brilliant single and radio-friendly track. Hopefully this album is a first in a long and prosperous career for Catherine.

Don’t Let Me Forget – Lesley Hastings (

There are some really beautiful love songs among he heartbreakers on this album, and along with the very clever “ The Edges” this is my favourite.
It is also the only duet ( with Hunter Hayes, who’s brilliant guitar playing also helps make this a standout track for me) and as such helps add vocal variety to this collection.
Apparently Catherine didn’t initially write it for two voices but had a change of mind at a later date and sent it to Hunter, who’s music she is a huge fan of and who she met at the C2C festival.
The song is about capturing that moment in a relationship when you realise that something very special is happening, and hoping that it’s a memory that will live with you for ever….” I don’t know what tomorrows bring, all I know is I don’t wanna lose this feeling”. Yes, relationships aren’t always plain sailing, but when the going gets tough Catherine wants to be reminded about this special feeling.
The song’s minimal production highlights Catherine and Hunter’s vocals which blend seamlessly .
The track has an official video filmed in Nashville in an empty house, and I see from the text that Catherine says this is one of her favourite album tracks too! Enjoy!

Good Goodbyes – Shannon Hynes (

‘Good Goodbyes’ is perhaps the sassiest song off of ‘Talk of This Town’, giving off enhanced girl power. So, therefore I thought it was the perfect choice for me to talk about for Belles and Gals. Exuding strength and power in her lyrics ‘don’t expect tears when you see me.’ McGrath is challenging the stereotype that women are emotional and clingy beings… well no! We’re not as a matter of fact, Catherine is making sure everyone is aware with ‘Good Goodbyes’. Layered with the perfect epitome of country pop instrumentation. Mesmerised by the slide guitar and picking mandolin throughout, the song is taken to a whole new anthemic level in the choruses, with the foot stomping beat and perfectly timed chant of the lyric.
This song is an utter tune and destined to be my summer smash!

Just In Case – Emily Weall (

Just in Case perfectly embodies a pop-country crossover and really shows of Catherine’s fun, happy-go-lucky side. It’s a perfect addition to any girls night playlists and the easy listening track is guaranteed to having you singing and dancing along!

I’m personally hoping this one is a firm favourite amongst many and therefore on the set list for her tour later this year!

She’ll Never Love You – Nick Cantwell (

She’ll Never Love You is a perfect way to end the album and indeed, this review. This closing track has a slower tempo than the rest of the album and sees the singer questioning whether a love rival feels the same passion as she does. The track is complemented by strings throughout which gives ‘She’ll Never Love You’ an all-encompassing sound which really shows off the fantastic vocals of Catherine McGrath. The song ends with the question ‘Are You Thinking About Me’, and is a fitting end to both the song and the album in its entirety.




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