Liv Austen’s ‘A Moment of Your Time’ Review

Can I have a moment of your time to tell you just how incredibly brilliant the long awaited debut album from Liv Austen is! An amazing 11 out of the 12 tracks have been written or co-written by the talented songstress and is a chance for Liv to show off not only her vocal talents but also her writing abilities with her honest and incredibly catchy lyrics.

Miss Nobody, the opening track, is the perfect track to ensure your full attention is captured on first listen and the kind of girl power track to make sure you sit back and listen intently to the whole album right through! Co-written by Jessica Sharman, this upbeat fun high energy track really sets the tone for what’s to come and there is no doubt about it, it’s got country pop sound written all over it!

The next two tracks ‘The Next Time’ and ‘Don’t Regret A Single One’ were both previously released as singles and really helped Liv pave the way to make her mark on the country music world – with the uptempo beats and incredibly catchy lyrics, its physically impossible to stop yourself singing along.

If I had to choose a favourite track on the album, (impossible choice I know!), I think ‘Want it More’ takes the edge against my other favourite Detour. Ever since first listen of this track I have just wanted to listen to it more! Excuse the pun! It’s true though, this song has been the one I have had constantly on repeat – why? Maybe it’s the heartfelt lyrics expressing a more vulnerable side to Liv we don’t always get to see! The fact the writing credits for this song are her flying solo, the tone of the vocal and catchy lyrics to the chorus suggests she may be singing about past experience, the song is straight from the heart! The chorus starts “Oh My God What Have You Done To Me?” and that is the exact thought I got replaying this song over and over – like I was under a spell where I just couldn’t stop myself replaying it! Sure to be a fan favourite to hear played live, let’s hope this is released as a single to let the fans see a different side to Liv on stage too.

I want to chat about my other favourite on the album ‘Detour’! This beautiful stripped back ballad really draws you in and the story of the unrequited love affair really tugs on your heartstrings. The song shows off Liv’s incredible vocal range and again expresses another side of Liv we haven’t got to see in the singles. Within the album you have to have at least one song that helps shows everything you got to give – for me this song is the one that does that for Liv! Written by herself, the vocal range and meaningful lyrics really does show off her talent!

Last but not least the closing song ‘But I know I Love Him’, which makes the perfect to end the album. The piano instantly sets the tone for the song and you can really feel the raw emotion as Liv sings this beautiful track. Listening to the lyrics and melody of the song, this really was the one that brought a little tear to my eye!

I believe the years in the making of this long awaited album will give Liv the success she has been working towards and put her stamp on the country music world. I  suggest that you give a moment of your time to buy or download each track of this album, because believe me when I tell you, you won’t regret a single one! This for me is a 5 star album and after the release of this tomorrow I am really excited to see Liv’s future! This is the album for Liv Austen to shine and shine she does!

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