Macy Krew – Wherever You Are

Today I’m delighted to feature Macy Krew for the first time with her debut single ‘Wherever You Are’. Macy, 21, hit the headlines when she made it to Hollywood for ‘American Idol’ during the latest season. Macy hails from Michigan and regularly performs live shows in both her home state and Nashville.

I asked Macy to tell me all about the song:

‘I’m so excited to release my debut single to country radio: Wherever You Are.  I was in my room one night thinking about how genuinely happy and how natural that happiness was.  It was easy to feel that way with my best friend/significant other.  That’s how the idea came to me; true love and happiness should go together hand in hand.  You’ll see how I tie that into the chorus.  As far as the meaning behind it, the song is all about knowing that no matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you’re with that one person, you know it will be the best time.  It comes naturally to be with that person, whether you’re inside for a movie night, or out for a fancy night on the town.

I wrote this song all on my own from the heart, while also trying to incorporate catchy lyrics and phrases so it will get stuck in your head.  I want people to be able to relate, as well as sing along with “Wherever You Are.”  It was an easy choice for me on what song I wanted to release as my debut single.  This was it and I knew it the second I wrote it and everything came together. It definitely takes a village and I’m so thankful to everyone who played a role in this song.  I hope y’all love it as much as we do. XOXO, Macy Krew (@macykrewmusic)’

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