Kat Healy Releases ‘Believer’ EP

Friday saw the release of ‘Believer’, the new E.P. from Kat Healy. This is the second time we’ve featured Kat on the site and the Edinburgh based songstress is very much one to watch. This time around, Kat has released a wonderful E.P. where she covers a number of her favourite tracks, including the much-loved ‘I’m a Believer’ from the Monkees, which Kat has slowed down and made her own. Anti-war folk classic ‘Where Have All the Flowers Gone?’ is simply gorgeous, with Kat sings one of the verses in German. Kat tackles Robert Burns ‘Ay Waukin’ O’ brilliantly as the opener, ‘Magpie’ has a fantastic nursery rhyme feel, while ‘Winter’ is a song that is just perfect as the nights draw in and we head ever nearer to the festive season.

The EP is a little more folk than you might be accustomed to on Belles and Gals, but it’s a wonderful listen from start to finish. Take a listen below for yourself and you’ll see why we rate Kat so highly.


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