Anna Pancaldi’s ‘Peace’ Out Today!

Delighted to feature Anna Pancaldi today and her brand new single ‘Peace’ which is out today! The last time Anna appeared on Belles and Gals was last march after the release of her E.P. ‘Sweet Charity’, which garnered great critical acclaim and an incredible 1.5 million plus streams on Spotify.

Peace is an upbeat, anthemic piece of indie-rock, which shows the evolution of Anna Pancaldi’s music – it’s a new sound and a new approach. This is a rousing track that grabs you from the very first note.

Anna Pancaldi: “A challenge at first but now an exhilarating awakening having discovered and then explored the electric guitar. ‘Peace’ is my first ‘foot stomper’ track which I think will surprise listeners who’ve been on the journey with me so far. It feels a bold evolution for me so here we go.” 

While you wouldn’t usually expect an indie-rock tune to appear on this site, it’s fantastic to see artists like Anna expanding their musical boundaries – and this is an amazing job!

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