Lisa Redford Launches Pledge Campaign While Supporting Dogs Trust

Lisa Redford, this week, launched a pledge campaign for a new E.P. Lisa, who has featured regularly on Belles and Gals since the very start, has been described as ‘one of our finest singer/songwriters’ by Bob Harris, and we’d certainly agree.

Lia Redford has launched her pledge campaign with the following message:

Hey there,

Following my last release “Another Place and Time” I’m really excited to be recording a new EP and would love for you to be a part of the journey with me. I always write from the heart and these new songs are no exception. I’ve been an independent artist for a number of years and would love you to get involved and be a part of making my next release happen.

By ordering your copy of the EP here, you will gain access to recording updates from the studio, live performances, video clips and much more. I’ve also included loads of cool Pledger-exclusive products and experiences from signed handwritten lyrics, signed posters, signed copies of my back catalogue to a live house concert and lessons in singing, ukulele and guitar! Two beloved signed guitars are also included, they have been major parts of my music journey having been used in the studio and on tour.

A portion of all the money raised after reaching my goal will be donated to the charity Dogs Trust. I spend a lot of time walking rescue dogs – and with my bestie, springer spaniel Wesley – and the companionship and joy they bring to our lives is truly special.

Please take a look at what’s on offer – I really hope you’ll find something you love and want to pledge for!

Thanks so much for your support. It really means a lot.

Lisa xx

There are many ways you can get involved in the pledge campaign starting at just £6!  You could pledge and have a guitar or a ukulele lesson with Lisa, a signed bundle including all of Lisa’s releases (this looks a steal at £30!), signed guitars and even a private house concert!

For full detail, click the link below:

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