Gracie Carol – ‘Storm Chaser’

There’s something special about featuring a new artist on Belles and Gals, especially when they are as good as Gracie Carol! Gracie came to our attention at the very end of 2018 with her latest single ‘Storm Chaser’ – a single so good we had to find out more about it – so we chatted to Gracie over the holidays!

Hi Gracie, it was great to hear your new single ‘Storm Chaser’ which is just fantastic! Can you give us an insight into how the song came about?
Thank you so much! It all started after I released my first debut single, “Living on the Moon.” I wrote ‘Living on the moon’ myself, and the feeling of releasing a song that I wrote and the reaction of listeners is a feeling that is just indescribable. I love it so much I thought about all the songwriters that live in Nashville trying to get their first cut on a song and the get that feeling for themselves as well. They just don’t know what it’s like yet, so I wanted to help. I went to one of my friends I met at Belmont University who studies Audio Engineering, his name is Dallas Jack, and asked him if he knew of anybody that had songs that wanted to be cut. He writes and makes recordings of many and with many songwriters that want to make it in the business, and sent over a couple songs, and Storm Chaser was one of them.

I listened to all the songs that he sent but I couldn’t get storm chaser out of my heard when I first looked at it, it really spoke to me as an artist and what I wanted my next sound to me. The lyrics reminded me of my past self, and it was the type of song I’ve always wanted to write, but could never get those kind of words out of me. I immediately had to know who wrote this song, her name is Regan Rousseau. When I heard it was her, I fell in love with the song more. I’ve heard some of her work before and just love what kind of vibe she gives. She is honestly one of the best songwriters I think I have met in Nashville and I really hope to collab with her someday. I then took the song and immediately knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and who would be great a producing my ideas. Austin Shawn, is the producer I work with. He moved to Nashville a little over a year ago to pursue this career and I couldn’t be happier working with anybody else! He really makes the songs come to life, and that’s how “Storm Chaser” came about.

This is your second single this year, after releasing the equally excellent ‘Living on the Moon’ earlier this year. How exciting have those releases made 2018?

Releasing “Living on the Moon” was honestly the highlight of my 2018. Before releasing the song, I spent most of the year just planning and trying to figure out who I was as an artist and a songwriter. Living on the Moon was the first song I wrote that I felt was “good enough.” Not enough enough for song standards, but good enough for it to be the first song I want to release. It tells the story of how I feel in my life right now, and I just wanted everybody to know. That’s when I knew it was my first single. I didn’t really understand what to do after the releasing process, all I cared about was to show everyone in my life now that I am serious about what I want to do for my career. And when I released it I felt like a whole new person, I felt like I started the career I’ve always dreamed about since being a little girl. And that’s when I started planning my next single for “Storm Chaser.” This release is going WAY better than I ever thought I could do with my second single. I couldn’t be more happy where I m with my life right now.

In a paragraph, tell us about how you got started in the country music industry!

It’s so crazy. I grew up listening and loving country music, that’s all my parents would ever listen too. Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark, and Sara Evens were all Country Music Artists I would get CD’s of and just play them in my little portable CD player. I actually didn’t know there was such thing as any other genre until I was about 12 years old. So I loved everything about it. I knew Country Music was an industry I always wanted to perform/work in. When I was 17, after I got the opportunity to sing with Keith Urban on his Raise Em Up Tour, that’s when I decided I was moving to Nashville after high school to start any connections I can get in the industry. That is also when I would turn on the radio and there would be nothing but “Bro Country” on, and I wanted to help make a change. I started going to Belmont University in 2015. This brought me the best connections. I’ve met so many others who were like me, and other artist who also wanted to make a change to get more females on the radio and in the business. I’m in my senior year now, and still working my hardest to get where I want to be, but I know I’m in the right place. 🙂

To finish, what are your hopes and plans for 2019!

My hopes and plans for 2019 are just to bring out the best in myself. I plan to release and EP hopefully sometime in the spring, and graduate from Belmont in August. Other than those two things, I want to live in the moment and try to make the best decisions for my career. Until then, I can;t wait to see what comes next as well!

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