LIVE REVIEW: Maren Morris GIRL World Tour at O2 Institute Birmingham

Credit: Jamie Nelson

GRAMMY award winning queen of country Maren Morris has made her greatly anticipated return to the UK’s shores following the release of her sophomore album ‘GIRL’. With her second major label album under her belt it becomes evident that Maren has perfected her trade; with powerful vocals, a stage presence and personality which rivals even the greatest on-stage superstars, and ever relatable lyrics, Maren is leading the way for future singer-songwriters in the genre.

Opening the show with the tour title track ‘GIRL’, it was immediately evident that Maren was ready to put on a show. A fit of laughter, and some on stage antics from the band, could not stop Maren from opening with what only could be described as one of the most energetic and room commanding performance I have ever seen. With a setlist blending tracks from GIRL with her critically acclaimed debut ‘HERO’, it was evident that the setlist had an aim to please all who attended whilst displaying the ease to which Maren can interchanged between genre subsets and tempo.

A highlight of the set (and her sophomore album) is ‘All My Favourite People’. With a studio track graced by Brothers Osbourne, I was sceptical of how Maren would be able to pull off such a track on stage. This need not be a worry however as the studio track was far surpassed live with the addition of a duet by support act Raelynn. Maren’s tone paired perfectly with the Texas twang of Raelynn, leading to the track not only being incredibly well received but quite possibly resulting in the loudest crowd accompaniment I have ever witnessed.

The addition of a ‘Second Wind’ and ‘Halo’ (Beyoncé) mashup was a welcome addition, with Maren’s ability to blend genre ever growing. The mashup enhanced the incredibly powerful vocal tones of Maren whilst displaying the astonishing musical talents of her accompanying band. The mixture of tempo and band accompaniment throughout the set truly comes into its own for the genre topping superstar. With a number of tracks led by Maren’s powerful vocals, it was a true joy to not only behold a beautifully talent vocalist, but also remain mesmerised by Maren’s ability to produce a breathtakingly well written track.

Never have I ever been truly captivated by a performance before. I left the show with an innate desire to attend another stop on the tour. Controlling the crowd with an amazing display of talent it was obvious that I was not on the individual in the room who felt the same. A truly uniquely powerful vocalist coupled with a natural showmanship and lyrical prowess to make even the strongest hearted cry, led to a mesmerising performance which is truly unforgettable.

Show Review: 5/5


The Feels
80s Mercedes
A Song for Everything
To Hell & Back
All My Favorite People (with RaeLynn)
I Could Use a Love Song
Make Out With Me
Gold Love
Second Wind / Halo (Beyoncé cover)
Good Woman
The Bones
My Church
Shade (Encore)
The Middle (Encore)


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