Beth Keeping’s ‘Two Seats Down’ Review

U.K singer/songwriter and U.K Country Music Spotlight Awards winner Beth Keeping is back with her new single ‘Two Seats Down’ and had the following to say on how the new track came about :-

It was inspired by a wedding I went to last summer where I found myself sat two seats down from an ex-boyfriend back at university. The song describes what it feels like to see someone who you were so close to in the past, and now know nothing about their life or how they’re doing. I wrote it in Nashville with my good friend Lauren McLamb and recorded it back in London with producer Kaity Rae – I love how it brings out my Nashville storytelling roots alongside modern pop production.”

Beth for a long time has been one of the leading lights for country music in the U.K and an artist who consistently delivers to a fantastic standard with her song writing, she has certainly lived up to that in a big way with ‘Two Seats Down’. Her beautifully soothing voice wonderfully narrates this heartfelt tale about long lost love and connects you to the emotions she must have felt whilst writing it. Lyrically it’s very strong throughout and as Beth hints at it really shows off her storytelling roots. Pop and country are blended together so well on the track and with Kaity Rae’s fantastic production work it has such a polished feel to it.

I tend not to listen to ballad style tracks on repeat however I think I’ll be making an exception here as this track from Beth will be receiving many a listen from me.

Review written by Craig Brookes (

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