Nashville Duo Arbour North Release New Single Ahead Of UK Tour

Husband and wife duo Arbor North (Micheal Boris and AC Jones) have just released their third single, “Would’ve Met You Anyway” ,  an upbeat song with a real  “hoedown” feel which will no doubt prove a real crowd pleaser for them on their upcoming UK tour.  It is in total contrast to their previous single, the beautiful heartfelt ballad , “You, Me and Jesus”, and helps demonstrate the duo’s versatility as not only performers but also as writers and producers. 

The recording includes actual foot stomping on the wooden floor of the studio and the track’s arrangement is as traditional as it comes including fiddle (Kyle Pudenz) and banjo (Charles Butler) . Overall, Michael and AC wanted this release to have a balance between bright and gritty, with a tone that made it an all round feel-good song, and I hope you agree that is exactly what they have achieved right from the start of the track! 
As with both their other singles the inspiration behind this one is once again the couple’s love for one another, but they have taken a much more light hearted approach this time. They look back at some of their “sliding doors” moments, convinced that they were fated to meet even if their paths hadn’t initially crossed as they actually did at a Country Radio Seminar .  As they explain “When two hearts feel so connected in every way, it is near impossible to believe that you would never have met if one part of your story didn’t play out the way that it did”.
The song sees them sharing lead vocals and singing to one another as they ponder other possible scenarios where they could have met, maybe in their local grocery store or coffee shop or even at the county fair for example, and they harmonise beautifully in the chorus as they agree that  “with a little bit of luck and a little bit of faith, think I would’ve met you anyway”.  There’s a chance to catch breath in a change from the high energy, full-on production when things come down momentarily towards the end of the track (after its incredible instrumental break) before one final uplifting chorus brings this fun and insanely infectious song to a close. 
Stream/Download “Would’ve Met You Anyway” here
Having played a string of shows back home (including a full band performance opening for Chase BryanMichael and AC will be heading to the UK next month to play their first dates here as Arbor North,  so if you will be at any of the following get your stomping boots ready and join in with this great new song!  
17th August: Birmingham, England – Nashville Sounds in the Round
20th August: Millport, Scotland – Millport Country Music Festival 
24th August: London, England – Nashville Meets London Music Festival 
Article written by Lesley Hastings (
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