Jess Thristan Releases Brand New Single “The Old Me” 

After spending the last few months teasing new music, British singer/songwriter Jess Thristan released a brand new single today, and listeners (including myself) are loving it!

Written with Alex Malie, The Old Me is a beautifully-penned ballad reminiscent of an older, happier version of someone. The lyrics feel very personal and raw to Jess, and is different from we’ve seen before in her discography. She is trying to search for her carefree, past-self and even questioning if she’s still there.

It’s really powerful and brave to express vulnerability in lyrics you know will be heard by strangers across the world (“Try to get a little back of who I was before / Is she here anymore? / ‘cause I wanna be a little more like the old me”). The Yorkshire-based musician shares her own story and yet manages to make it resonate with an audience – which showcases her incredible song-writing ability.

The production and instrumental in this track are simply stunning. It builds and falls effortlessly, fusing country twang together with a polished modern sound. The instrumental becomes more prominent in the chorus but the balance is just right so her vocals shine throughout.

Two other fantastic UK country artists feature on this track as backing vocalists – Lisa Wright and Laura Oakes. When I learned this I couldn’t help but think how great a writer’s round with these three talented women would be!

Jess wrote a long message on Twitter this morning thanking her fans and everyone who was a part of the production for their support. This was really heart-warming to read and you can see her passion behind the music. She will go a long way as an artist, as she possesses all the attributes to get her where she deserves to be!

The Old Me is out now and you can listen on all well-known streaming platforms.

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  • July 5, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    Thank you so much for this!! So glad to read such an accurate response about everything that we thought of and felt during these recordings…thank you to everyone at B&G for all the support you’ve been showing Jess!

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