Anglo-US Duo Brown & Gray Release New Single

UK’s Sam Gray and Texas-born/Nashville raised Kaci Brown are a really exciting duo who’s debut single ” Top Down” ( taken from their 2018 EP ” Salt In The Coffee” ) made an amazing impact on both sides of the Atlantic. This fun, upbeat song earned the pair radio spins across the US from stations including Sirius XM (which is no mean feat as I’m sure you all appreciate ) and BBC Radio 2 added it to their playlist for an entire month. The bar was therefore already set very high for the followup but if that wasn’t enough a club remix package catapulted the track into the top 10 of the UK Dance Charts and this version was picked up by Radio Disney and added to their playlist! All in all the song spent a month on the billboard top 40 airplay chart 15 months after its original release!!

So where do they go from there? Well the answer is here in their new single ” Last To Know” and with its blend of soulful Americana and modern-day production I think the pair have another surefire hit on their hands …in fact it has already been played across the UK on various radio stations including R2 and Country Hits, and over in the States CMT added the video to their network and Sirius XM have once again given the duo key radio play. As on their debut it demonstrates how beautifully their two voices blend and what talented songwriters they are……no wonder Rolling Stone named them as one of their Top 10 Artists To Watch last year.

It looks like a busy few months ahead for Kaci and Sam, having appeared at last months CMA Fest they are performing at multiple festivals across the US .
‘Last To Know” is available to stream/download here and you can find out more about the duo at which will also give you links to their socials.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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