Introducing Kaitlyn Baker


Kaitlyn Baker is one of the fastest rising stars of the country music scene and we expect some big things from the singer songwriter in the near future! In between projects and touring extensively, we took an opportunity to catch up with Kaitlyn and talk all things music!

Hi Kaitlyn, we’re delighted to chat to you! We first featured you on Belles and Gals back in 2016 when you released the fantastic ‘Burn’. How do you feel you have changed as an artist in the time since?

First of all, I am so happy to be back! Thank you all for having me. These last few years have been pivotal in my life and also my career. I think the biggest change in myself has been the fact that I am completely okay with being me. Sometimes we get caught up in being “perfect” because social media makes us feel like we should have it together all the time. Reality is, we won’t and that’s okay. This year has been the busiest year for me. I’ve been on tour all year and launched my Blackbird hot sauce in over 133 grocery stores. I’ve also spent so much time working and writing new music. It’s been a great year.

Has it always been your passion to become a singer? And what is it about the country music genre that held so much appeal?

I grew up around music my whole life. My Mamaw and Papaw both played music, it was a big part of my childhood. I love country music because I can relate to it. I’m from a super small town. Population 800, no red light. Country music is real and honest. It has always hit me in the heart.

Your last release was the excellent ‘Blackbird’ EP back in 2018. Can you give us an insight into when we can expect any new projects from you?

I am working on new music now so 2020 is looking to be a very exciting year!

To finish, where can our followers find you on social media?

You can find me on at the following:






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