‘Aftershocks’ EP from Biddy Ronelle – Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow sees the release of ‘Aftershocks’, the brand new EP from Biddy Ronelle. Biddy made an immediate impact on the scene in 2019 when both of her first two singles reached the top 10 of the UK iTunes chart (Raising Hell hit #4, while Run reached #10), while appearances on the Gabby Roslin show on BBC Radio London, alongside plays on both Country Hits and BBC Country, all ensured that the York based artist’s star has continued to rise. Having had a preview of the EP you can see why – Biddy has an incredible voice, each of the five tracks bring something different to the table, showing a real versatility in her performance. A word about the production too – it’s excellent, creating an atmospheric and resounding country rock sound. Think a slightly darker version of Lady Antebellum!

It’s incredibly early in the year, but I get the feeling that this release could be on many EP’s of the Year list come this time next year!

Biddy has released two of the tracks from the EP as singles already – check out ‘Run’ and ‘Raising Hell’ below on Spotify.

You can preorder/order the EP here: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/1490910285?app=itunes

Aftershocks Track Listing:


Change It

If She’s Still Here


Raising Hell


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