Kerri Watt To Release Debut Album “Neptune’s Daughter”

It’s always great to have something to look forwards to in January, which can be pretty bleak and depressing month, and what better than new music? To be precise, the long awaited debut album from Glaswegian singer/songwriter Kerri Watt…..yes, it was recently announced that ” Neptune’s Daughter” will drop on January 15th 2021 on CD, cassette ( available exclusively from her official store ) and as a deluxe digital edition which includes six bonus acoustic tracks.
Delayed of reasons that need no explaining, the album was interestingly recorded with Texas based metal/rock producer Machine, who sits at the opposite end of the musical scale to Kerri, but when she heard he was interested in working with her she jumped at the chance! As she explains  I loved the idea of joining forces with someone from a totally different genre to bring something unique to the sound. Machine and I spoke at length about the sound of the album, influences, bands/playlists/moods we liked and found we had a lot in common”.
The result is an album that infuses Kerri’s Americana roots with other genres integral to her upbringing, and while ensuring the original essence of the songs stayed in tact the tunes she brought to the studio were given a new edge. Supplementing this evolution of her sound was a team of Austin’s top session players, Kerri saying that ” the final result perfectly encapsulated the five weeks Machine and I spent experimenting and creating magic at his studio with some incredible Austin players”.
The frustrations of having to delay the album gave Kerri the idea of releasing a couple of genre-themed EPs consisting of a few of its tracks this year, little ” tasters” of what to expect in January, and following on from September’s ” Chapter One” EP December 11th sees the release of the three track ” Chapter Two” which includes one of Kerri’s most beloved songs ” Chasing Aeroplanes”

Any pre-orders of ” Neptune’s Daughter” from Kerri’s official store, Amazon or iTunes will allow immediate download of the five singles released so far, “Kissing Fools”, “Chasing Aeroplanes”, “Cut Me Loose”,” Jessie’ and “You Can’t Catch Me”

Full album track listing here…

  1. All The Worse For Me
  2. Kissing Fools
  3. Chasing Aeroplanes
  4. Band of Gold 
  5. Neptune’s Daughter
  6. Waking up in California
  7. Cut Me Loose
  8. Hellfire
  9. Spoonful of Sugar
  10. Jessie
  11. You Can’t Catch Me 
  12. I Wanna Sing For You

Deluxe Digital Edition bonus tracks

  1. Chasing Aeroplanes (Acoustic)
  2. Cut Me Loose (feat. Samuel Jack) (Acoustic)
  3. Kissing Fools (Acoustic)
  4. Band of Gold (Acoustic)
  5. Hellfire (Acoustic)
  6. Jessie (Acoustic)

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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