Twinnie Releases Debut Album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’

The much-anticipated debut album from country-pop crossover sensation Twinnie has finally arrived. The record which is released via BMG UK is an eclectic mix of sonic fusions blending together the two genres perfectly as she delivers epic pop-infused bangers such as ‘Chasing’, and ‘Feeling Of Falling’, along with the country driven tracks including ‘Whiplash’, and ‘Daddy Issues’.

Lyrically, Twinnie never wanders from the country directive, but production-wise she introduces a lot of pop sounds to create an album that is distinctively “Twinnie”. The York singer/songwriter has had a lot of say in this record from producing several songs on the tracklist to co-writing every single track and it shows – this is her laid bare for all to see.

Honest to the core, ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ doesn’t shy away from subject matters and allows us a real insight into who Twinnie is, both as an artist and a person. She is never afraid to speak the truth and this shines through the LP’s directive approach.

With its shiny pop production on several of the tracks combined with heartfelt country lyrics, this is an album that delivers a serious punch – as a debut album, it is even more impressive. It feels like it could be her third or fourth offering such is the professionalism and quality of the recordings featured.

The inclusion of the emotive ballads ‘Superhero’ and ‘Lie To Me’ was also a wise decision as it allows the LP to breathe and gives a chance for Twinnie to really let her outstanding vocal soar. Very few artists have the emotional power that Twinnie possesses and she can hit any high note with ease – her voice is truly one of a kind.

Signed physical copies of the CD are also available to purchase via and the singer/songwriter will be performing the album live this November during her inaugural UK headline tour – tickets are also available to purchase via her official website.

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Laura Klonowski

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