Aubrie Sellers “Far From Home” Album Review

It’s been a long time coming for fans of this Nashville born/LA based artist, but at last Aubrie’s sophomore album “Far From Home” is here! As on her debut “New City Blues” released back in 2016, she has worked with producer Frank Liddell and her many musical influences are once again evident on the twelve tracks which range from hauntingly etherial and stripped back to a cacophony of sound, but Aubrie’s distinctive vocals and insightful, relatable lyrics are always clearly to the fore. Several have been made available in recent months to give us a taste of what to expect, including the declamatory “My Love Will Not Change” (which features the legendary Steve Earle) and her latest single, the drum/guitar driven “Lucky Charm”, a co-write with Adam Wright which is definitely one of the most infectious and optimistic on this collection and which Aubrie describes as being “very simply about finding that person who you feel like you connect with on a soul level” .

Aubrie doesn’t shy away from wearing her heart on her sleeve and bearing her soul in her writing, often digging deep to express concerns, anxiety and inner turmoil, as she does on the title track which opens the album. The slow-paced “Worried Mind” is another such example, it’s introduction reminiscent of a western film theme (the album was actually recorded just outside of El Paso, Texas, which I’m sure has some bearing here!) before Aubrie’s vocals kick in, you can feel her anguish as she sings….” They got pills for things that hurt, I tried some but nothing works…” . And the beautiful ballad “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet” examines her uncertainty at the start of a relationship, unable to fathom out how (or even if) things will progress.

But there’s some really fun, upbeat and totally funky (for the want of a better description!) tracks in the mix too. “Glad” is her middle finger, kiss-off song, a cacophony of electric guitars going crazy as she sings with brilliant attitude to a no good ex she’s happy to see the back of. And the album closer, a fast paced drum driven track ends things on a definite high note, a great ( literal!) moving on write…” One town’s trash is another one’s treasure, just depends on what you measure“.
This is just a snap shot of a great album full of variety but which ultimately showcases Aubrie’s insane all round talent. After celebrating its release by opening for Tanya Tucker in New York, Aubrie will play a string of dates Stateside later this month followed by several more in June… I for one will be hoping that there’s plans for a return to the UK at some point too, of course we will keep you updated with any announcements.
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1. Far From Home 
2. My Love Will Not Change  
3. Lucky Charm 
4. Worried Mind
5. Drag You Down
6. Going Places
7. Glad
8. Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet
9. Troublemaker
10. Run
11. Under The Sun
12. One Town’s Trash  
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