INTERVIEW: Jenee Fleenor Talks New Single ‘Good Ol’ Girls’

Jenee Fleenor is an extraordinary artist who recently became the first woman to win the CMA Musician of the Year award, and the first woman to receive the nomination for that award as well as the ACM’s Specialty Instrument Player of the Year.

And now she is taking the country world by storm once again with the release of her brand new single ‘Good Ol’ Girls’, here we chat to Jenee Fleenor to discuss the track in detail:

Your new single is out now, how excited are you about sharing the track?

So excited!! It’s out now, and I’ve heard a lot of great feedback!!!

What was the writing process like for this single?

I co-wrote this song with Phil O’Donnell and Buddy Owens. We started writing it after finishing up writing “Fiddle and Steel.” I had this fiddle-driven melody stuck in my head and the phrase “good ol’ girls” kept coming to mind. We’ve all heard “good ol’ boys,” but I had never heard the phrase “good ol’ girls.” I wanted to write my story in a song and also inspire the young country gals out there that will be moving to Nashville someday to live out their dreams! Phil, Buddy and I have great chemistry writing, so I knew they could help me wrangle it. After we wrote it, Buddy said, “Do I lose my man card for writing this song?” Haha!

What are you hoping fans take away from the lyrical message of the song?

Basically, what I said above…the verses tell my story and the choruses are for all of us country girls out there!

Where did you look to for inspiration when writing the single?

My life and wanting to inspire some young gals out there wanting to do this someday. Winning the CMA award definitely fueled some of the fire for this single. I never dreamed I’d be the first female to be nominated (or win!) – in fact, I never thought about that part of it at all until people started bringing it up in interviews. I just wanted to be the best musician I could be. After I won, it really made me think about breaking that glass ceiling and how there are other country gals out there dreaming of doing this someday! That’s really where I found inspiration…telling my story and also writing that 3rd verse for the little “good ol’ girls” out there practicing their fiddles and dreaming of moving to Nashville and seeing those big dreams come true!

How did you choose the producers and surrounding team for putting the track together?

I’ve written with Phil O’Donnell for years now and I’ve always loved his production, so I wanted him along for the ride in co-producing this. The musicians are all good friends of mine that I work with on the daily, so it was such a fun day in the studio for me to share this with them!

 How would you describe the overall sonic vibe of the song to listeners?

A fiddle-driven country story song with a Cajun beat that’ll make you wanna dance! In fact, the first time my Momma and Aunt (both from Louisiana) heard it, they immediately jumped on their feet and started dancing. That made my heart jump for joy!

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