INTERVIEW: Twinnie Talks Debut Album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’

On Friday, April 17th, rising UK country crossover sensation Twinnie will release her long-awaited debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ via BMG Records. The LP is supported by a string of hit singles such as ‘Lie To Me’, ‘Social Babies’, ‘Better When I’m Drunk’ and most recently ‘I Love You Now Change’.

Here we chat to Twinnie for a quick catch-up about the forthcoming record:

Your debut album Hollywood Gypsy drops April 17th, how excited are you about sharing the project?

I’m really excited, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous especially in this weird time we’re living in. Many plans we had to promote this album like my headline tour has naturally now changed, but I have to say I have found that I’m connecting to my fans more than ever and we are finding really cool ways to interact and I truly believe that people need music more than ever…and Netflix lol. 

The record was written in London, Nashville, and Sweden so can we expect a fusion of sonic sounds?

Erm, I’ll leave that up to you to decide, It’s really hard for me to be objective, but to me, there is definitely a consistent Twinnie vibe I think.

You’re always an honest and upfront person so can we expect to hear that openness throughout the tracks on the album?
Absolutely! I’m probably too honest. Some people are definitely gonna know which songs are about them.

How do you feel being a Northerner has helped shape you as an artist?

Well I’m definitely direct and upfront and I was surrounded by people like that growing up so it’s what I’m used to, I gravitate to people like that so I think that’s why I am so honest when I write. I don’t think anyone has room in their life for people who are not real, we’re all looking for true connection and it’s exactly how I feel about writing a song, it has to come from an honest place for me.

Is there a theme running through the core of the album or is it more of a simplistic introduction to you as a person and artist?

‘Hollywood Gypsy’ represents the two worlds I live in, I grew up on Hollywood movie musicals and being a Gyspy is my heritage. It represents my mam and dad, me being from England, but living in Nashville. Hollywood Gypsy is the 1st chapter of my debut album.

Since you’ve been in quarantine due to the UK lockdown have you been working on any new tracks?

No, I’ve been taking the time to listen to albums, read, meditate and switch off as I never do that. I feel like I’m being afforded this time to rest, heal and grow. I feel like a lot of people are seeing the positives of self-isolation. I’m really enjoying all the memes and challenges going around.

The debut album ‘Hollywood Gypsy’ from Twinnie is available to pre-order ahead of its April 17th release.

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Feature photography credit: Maximilian Hetherington


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