Joey Clarkson and Louise Parker Release ‘If You Want Me To’!

Today sees the release of ‘If You Want Me To’, the brand new release from Joey Clarkson and Louise Parker! The song has been making waves all week, with reviews stating:

This partnership between the Canadian and British pair is something we didn’t realise we needed until now and by gosh I am so glad they have paired up!’ – Country Chat with Dom

‘The song flawlessly reflects these two talented artist’s charismatic personalities & blends their unique musical styles together to produce a memorable single that you will be instanly adding to your playlist.’ – Fierce and Fabulous Revolution

This duet is an earworm with an intensely catchy melody and harmonies to die for.‘ – Three Chord Country

The whole track is a stunning duet by Joey and Louise‘ – Forever British Country


We caught up with both Joey and Louise and asked them a bunch of fun questions! Here’s what they had to say!

Dream collaboration or duet?

Joey: Awwww man, are we talking alive, or not so alive? Either way, this question is difficult! I’m going to cheat and give you two.
Alive: Brandi Carlile
Not so alive: Ray Charles.

Louise:  Dixie Chicks

Favourite Animal?

Joey: Camels. They are SO COOL. I can’t believe the extreme conditions they are able to survive through. 

Louise: Can I have one land and one sea? Red Panda & Dolphin

Favourite Venue?

Joey: The Bedford. The feel of that room is incredible, and I think it’s the perfect size. 

Louise: That I’ve performed at? The Bluebird Cafe. 

Favourite TV show?

Joey: Dr. Who. Hands Down!

Louise: Community. 

Go to takeaway?

Joey: Indian food!

Louise: Chinese!

Dream country to play?

Joey: Australia!

Louise: Australia!

If you had to pick between songwriting or performing, what would you choose?

Joey: Songwriting (but this question was really, really difficult). 

Louise: I don’t know if I could… Gun to my head I’d choose performing. 

Favourite artist or band?

Joey: Half Moon Run

Louise: I adore Shania Twain. 

Do you have a party trick and what is it?

Joey: YES. I have two that are completely useless. I can play the Harry Potter theme tune on a single beer bottle and I can whistle any song with my fingers at a piercing level. 

Louise: I used to do the splits and the worm, though I haven’t done them for quite a while. I better brush up on those skills!

Do you have a message to all your fans?

Joey: I have to say THANK YOU. Thank you for listening and for supporting independent, original music. Thank you for making artists like me feel loved and appreciated.

Louise: You are my whole heart, you keep my blood pumping and my dreams alive.





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